Oiled Wildlife

Onboarding with the OWCN

For those who may have missed OWCN’s previous blog about me joining OWCN, I would like to briefly introduce/ re-introduce myself. I am Danny Vickers; I am OWCN’s most recent hire (August 21st marked two months!) and have replaced Tim (recently retired) as the new Care Facilities Specialist. I am a California native originally from Placer County. My educational background is in natural and biological sciences, wildlife management and animal science. I hold a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in Animal Science where I concentrated my studies in Livestock Management.

Interested in working for the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN)? Here’s your chance!

Did you know the OWCN is hiring a Readiness Specialist? Thinking about applying, but you’re not exactly sure what a Readiness Specialist does? Well, I am here to talk you into it (okay not really, just provide some insight). As the Readiness Coordinator for Care Operations you and I would be working very closely together. I’ve been in this role for a little over four years – time flies! I love my job and am honored to work for the Oiled Wildlife Care Network.

Oilapalooza 2021, Take 2!

Spill response, that’s what we do! So, when we had to cancel the 2021 Oilapalooza Conference due to the Pipeline P00547 incident we wanted to find a unique way to offer some of the exciting topics we had planned for the conference to our Network. That brought us to the creation of the 2022 OWCN Lecture Series. And, just like that, those 6 months have passed, and we’ve presented the entire Lecture Series!