Mentor Program

curt clumpner releasing pelicans

Mentor Program

Rehabilitation organizations do a tremendous job caring for hundreds, if not thousands, of animals each year. Staff and volunteers often have to juggle the time needed to care for these patients with figuring out new and novel ways to provide and improve that care – often on shoestring budgets.

In order to assist OWCN member organization’s efforts to identify new and better ways of capturing and caring for oiled animals, we are proud to offer a Research Mentorship Program. The goals of this program are to:

  1. To foster scientific inquiry by OWCN member organizations;
  2. To assist organizations in developing complete and interesting project descriptions;
  3. To help fund smaller, pilot studies to be conducted at OWCN member organization facilities; and
  4. To further advance knowledge of best achievable care of oiled wildlife, as defined in the Goals for the OWCN's Research Program
Program Description

Each interested OWCN member organization must apply by providing the information listed in the application form. The OWCN Director and a subcommittee of the OWCN’s Scientific Advisory Committee will review all complete applications. 

Selected applicants will be assigned an OWCN Management Team mentor to assist in the development of a complete study design, and funding will be allocated to the organization to allow the study to commence. The OWCN mentor will be available during the study for consultation and assistance, and will help the member organization in the development of a written report for publication or presentation.

Available Funding

If awarded, mentorship project funds will be allocated to the member organization to complete the research. Additional funds may also be available for publication costs and travel expenses related to presenting study results at appropriate meetings on a case-by-case basis.