Our Team

flying brown pelican

Our Team

OWCN Management Team

The OWCN is administered by the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. 

Mike Ziccardi headshot

Michael Ziccardi

Curt Clumpner headshot

Curt Clumpner
Deputy Director: Animal Care Operations

Kyra Mills headshot

Kyra Mills
Deputy Director: Field Operations

Nancy Anderson headshot

Nancy Anderson
Field Veterinarian

Danene Birtell headshot

Danene Birtell
Readiness Coordinator

Lorraine Barbosa headshot

Lorraine Barbosa
Facility Veterinarian

Scott Buhl headshot

Scott Buhl
Responder Specialist

Sam Christie headshot

Samantha Christie
Care Specialist

Tim Williamson headshot

Tim Williamson
Facilities Specialist

Jennie Hawkins portrait

Jennie Hawkins
Field Operations Specialist

Greg Frankfurter headshot

Greg Frankfurter
Response Veterinarian

Wendy Massey portrait

Wendy Massey
Response Specialist


OWCN Support Team

Lavonne Hull headshot

Lavonne Hull
Administrative Coordinator

Lavonne Hull headshot

Pamela Roualdes
Administrative Support

Matt Blake headshot

Matthew Blake
Chief Operating Officer

Kristin Burns headshot

Kristin Burns
Content Marketing Manager

Eunah Cho headshot

Eunah Cho
Marketing & Development Coordinator