OWCN is Activated

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The Oiled Wildlife Care Network has been activated for a diesel release incident in Natomas, Sacramento

Wendy Massey

Wendy Massey

Position Title
Response Specialist

  • Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Wendy joined the Wildlife Health Center staff in 2018 after more than 25 years with International Bird Rescue. Her career has been marked by a willingness to take on just about anything. She has filled management rolls within the Incident Command System; headed hazing, reconnaissance, capture, and transportation teams in the field; provided care in rehabilitation facilities, and designed, built, and managed those care facilities. Wendy has worked closely with the OWCN since it was founded. She has responded to more than 120 spills nationally and internationally, including the Ventura Oiled Bird Incident, Deep Water Horizon, Rena in New Zealand, the Estonia spill and the Cosco Busan in the San Francisco Bay.