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The Oiled Wildlife Care Network has been activated for a diesel release incident in Natomas, Sacramento

Jennie Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins

Position Title
Field Operations Specialist

  • Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Jennie received her B.S. in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology from Colorado State University. Over the past several years, she has worked on a variety of research projects involving different species and multiple agencies. She spent three seasons with the USDA in Colorado working on a grassland bird nest survival study. Determined to expand her horizons, she branched out from the USDA to the USGS, where she helped capture, radio collar, and track wild horses and burros through the mountains of Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona. Wanting to switch things up further, she moved to northern Idaho where she worked with the Idaho Fish and Game Department to PIT tag juvenile salmon and steelhead trout. Jennie then moved to south eastern Idaho to work with the BLM on a variety of projects including sage grouse nest survival, botany surveys, and stream ecology. She joined the OWCN in 2019 as the Field Operations Specialist and has loved the challenges associated with inland response, especially all the opportunities it provides for innovation and creativity in hazing and recovery of wildlife.