Cuyama River Incident - 2020


Last updated 6:15 pm on 4/6/2020.

Updated Animal Report

Update at 3:37 pm on 3/31/2020.

Frogs and turtles were observed but all were found to be unoiled. The two frogs recovered on Monday, March 30 have been washed and will be released this evening in suitable habitat near where they were originally recovered. The Wildlife Branch concluded that the spill no longer poses a significant threat to wildlife, thus wildlife field operations are demobilizing.

Update at 7:33 pm on 3/30/2020.

One oiled California Red-Legged Frog and one oiled Baja California Tree Frog were recovered today and are in care. All previously recovered and washed frogs and toad have been released in suitable habitat a safe distance upstream of the spill location.


Update at 10:54 am on 3/29/2020.

Two live frogs and one deceased mallard were collected yesterday. All recovered frogs, toad and turtles have been washed and remain under the care of the OWCN (frogs/toad) and Pacific Wildlife Care (turtles).


Update at 8:20 pm on 3/27/2020.

One Baja California Tree Frog was collected today. It will be washed and cared for by our team of specialists. 


Update at 7:32 pm on 3/26/2020.

Today our field teams collected seven turtles (species TBD). Meanwhile the California Red-Legged Frog–captured yesterday–was washed by OWCN staff today and remains in bright and alert condition.


Update at 9:30 pm on 3/25/2020.

Today our field teams collected a live oiled Western Toad as well as a live California Red-Legged Frog.


Update at 9:37 am on 3/25/2020.

One additional live turtle was collected today, in addition to one dead duck and one dead fish.


Update at 9:07 am on 3/24/2020.

One additional oiled bird has been recovered. The two animals collected previously have been washed and continue to receive veterinary care.


Update at 1:49 pm on 3/23/2020.Thus far two live animals have been collected and are receiving veterinary care in Morro Bay. Animals include one bird (a Belted Kingfisher) and one Western Pond Turtle.


Update at 3:48 pm on 3/21/2020.

ACTIVATION: The OWCN has been activated by Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) and we are deploying staff to support in response efforts at a spill site in Santa Maria. We have safety measures in place for potentially oiled wildlife as well as for our first responders.

If local residents to the spill site see oiled wildlife, please call 1-877-UCD-OWCN and report immediately. DO NOT PICK UP OILED WILDLIFE. 

We are NOT asking for volunteers or additional staff at this time.‬.

Updates will be posted here as well as our Twitter and Facebook accounts.